About Us

Tennis in Africa, Inc. (TIA) is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, GA with a goal to make tennis accessible in Africa and to provide African youth with the opportunity and forum to develop life skills through tennis and fitness. Our audience is those who have little or no chance of experiencing this sport due to either lack of opportunity, poverty, or other adversities which render the game of tennis a remote sport to them.

Our core philosophy is anchored in the belief that if we grow talent by introducing and developing the game of tennis to the youth, in Africa, we will be adding value and improving the social wellbeing of children and families in Africa.

We believe by providing the youth with this opportunity we will (in the long term) advance the quality of life in certain communities, develop youth fitness regimens, provide children with an alternative event during the ‘off school periods’, create and sustain strong community involvement with the hope that this will lead to discipline in other areas i.e. Education and self-reliance. We believe these to be vital component of a vibrant and thriving community.

Board of Directors

Patience Kodua, CEO

Aissatou Bah, Vice President

Habiba Diab Njie, Treasurer

Hana Njau Okolo, Public Relations

Judy Munyao Lightfoot, Secretary

Chantelle Kodua, Social Media