Take Action

What we do and what you can do to support!


What we do:

The TIA programs (individually and collectively) aim to increase the self-confidence and self-esteem of youths by affording them positive opportunities and support, which are aimed at helping them to develop, enhance, restore and reinforce positive personality characteristics.  The objective of TIA is to show the fun side of tennis and reinforce its value as a sport for a lifetime while identifying future tennis professionals


Our Initiatives: 

  • To provide basic tennis related equipment, apparel and accessories for program participants and coaches
  • To secure at least two venues for coaches utilization 
  • To use tennis to reinforce the importance of continued education 

This will require that we: recruit new staff, train staff, obtain facilities and equipment, install the equipment, develop advertising materials, distribute the materials, recruit 40 clients for the pilot, develop procedures for delivery of services to clients in the pilot, deliver services to clients over a fixed period of time, conduct evaluation of the process and outcomes, generate recommendations from the evaluation, update policies and procedures in the program's process, and update the overall program plan.


What you can do:

We are looking for volunteers to grow our programs and help our youth! Please fill out the form below to volunteer and we will get back to you as soon as we can.