The initial program commenced in Ghana on July 18, 2015, with future plans to launch similar programs, within the next 7 years, in the following African Countries including Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Kenya.   This will be followed by more implementations in various other African countries.  The overall objective is to have TIA programs in 90 percent of African countries by the year 2035.

Tennis in Africa in Action- Ghana

Tennis In Africa was one of ten local teams invited by the Ghana Tennis Federation in January 2018 to participate in a pilot league program.  To support this initiative, Tennis In Africa Inc. provided shoes, towels, socks and hats to its participants and provided financial support for transportation to ‘away’ games, and refreshments for participants.

In June 2018, the CEO of Tennis In Africa (TIA) visited the program and witnessed TIA youth take on other teams in friendly competition. They won some and they lost some. But most importantly, they gained exposure and experience of different play styles and player temperaments, which are critical components for self-development and growth in the game of tennis, where mental attitude plays a key role.

On July 14th, TIA held a Tennis Clinic at the Police Depot Tennis Facility in Tesano, a suburb of the capital city of Accra.  This event drew over 60 youth from near and faraway communities, and was facilitated by Tennis In Africa’s long time coach Mr. Charles Tetteh, Coach Anthony Ahadzi, and nationally acclaimed International Tennis Federation (ITF) Level 2 Coach Mr.  Yahaya McCauley and his assistant Coach Ebenezer Otto.

With the rise in participation post the July clinic, TIA added a second paid Coach to the program.  TIA provides a year round training program for underprivileged youth and hopes to introduce its program to other regions in Ghana to offer positive extracurricular activities to underprivileged youth.

Our community impact includes engaging two dedicated coaches who passionately support TIA’s program and its objective to provide youth an organized sport to engage in with no financial burden of their parents.